About Us

Globe Computing Ltd is now an established computer saoftware reseller started by an experienced IT team, we have now been in this sector for many year's and decided to create this company for a more focused approach to providing our customer's with the best possible software information and support from our extensive experience, most specifically with Microsoft products, we know how confusing licensing can be and we offer full support and licensing advice to the best of our ability, we are now 3 years old and have sold over £1,500,000 software since we started back in 2012, which as a small company we are very proud of and we would like to thank our long term customers who keep coming back to us time and again.

We offer the latest brand new software products along with some old classic and extreme niche business software products which may be near impossible to find elsewhere at competitive prices often below trade and on top of all that we also offer excellent customer service with an ever expanding knowledge of our product range so as to help our customer make an informed decision even if that means suggesting products that we cannot ourselves supply, we do whats best for our  clients.

Globe Computing Ltd is predominantly a mail order company however we do also have physical offices in Kent where you may on occasion be able to arrange collection or certainly a meet if you require something urgently and live locally.

We have various shipping and collection locations Worldwide including, Londonn (UK), Ashford (UK), Hawthorne CA (USA) and Hong Kong (China) so we can supply country restricted licenses and software to nearly any region from the locations within licensing terms of various software companies.

If you require further information about who we are and what we do please feel free to email or call one of the team or we'll call you free of charge.